What Are the Birthstones For Each Month?

In 1912, a birthstone list was established. Specific months are represented by specific gems – garnet for January, emerald for May, sapphire for September and tourmaline in October.

Aquamarine, known for its connection to mermaids, is said to bring peace into marriages. Peridot, spinel and sardonyx are August’s birthstones.



January babies’ birthstone is Garnet, an alluring gem that symbolises passion and faithfulness. Additionally, its name derives from Latin for “pomegranate,” giving it further associations with rebirth. Though typically associated with red hues reminiscent of Granny’s brooch pins, Garnets come in numerous other hues as well; from pink, purple and yellow shades all the way through to yellow and brown versions which even display Tyndall scattering effects and even blue tinting depending on lighting conditions.

December’s birthstones include tanzanite, zircon and turquoise gemstones with deep blue hues – each relatively new to the modern birthstone list established in 1912.


purple quartz
Purple Quartz

January is traditionally associated with garnet, although other options exist as well. Garnet comes in an array of colors and can represent friendship, devotion, vitality and equilibrium.

Amethyst, a purple quartz that symbolizes temperance and love, is February’s modern birthstone. This gem’s name originates in Greek from “amethystos,” or not drunkenness – people believed that sipping wine from cups made with amethyst could prevent drunkenness from occurring.

Other alternative February birthstones for you might be pearl or jasper, both of which come in various hues. There are legends surrounding birthstones as healers; wearing your assigned month gemstones supposedly heightens their healing power – although there is no scientific basis to these claims, many enjoy thinking that each gem holds special meaning for them.



March babies often choose aquamarine (from Latin “aqua marina”) as their birthstone gem, representing its soothing ocean waters and inspiring clarity of thought and communication skills. Sailors believed it helped them navigate stormy seas safely.

Aquamarine, another beryl family gem associated with May, features unique inclusions reminiscent of rainbow hues that make each stone one-of-a-kind.

Bloodstone, commonly referred to as aggregate hematite and hesperia, is another popular March birthstone. This dark green gemstone with reddish-purple hues often worn by ancient warriors for strength and vitality also believed to help heart healing and boost immune systems.



Diamonds are the birthstone for those born in April. Diamonds are known for being one of the hardest materials on Earth – in fact they’re estimated to be 58 times harder than anything else found naturally! That is why this gem has come to symbolize love and commitment throughout history.

Opal, spinel and white topaz can also serve as symbolic birthstones in April: an opal’s vibrant play of colors makes it the ideal symbol of hope and purity.

White topaz has become increasingly popular as it shares many properties of diamond and is known to help increase creativity. Finally, red and green bloodstone gemstones have been said to give Taureans strength and stamina.



Birth months can be associated with many meaningful or beautiful things, from their zodiac sign to flowers; but nothing quite as powerful or inspiring is having your birthstone as part of that association.

Amethyst is February’s birthstone, an exquisite variety of quartz that boasts purple hues ranging from deep violet to light lavender. Amethyst serves as a powerful symbol for sincerity and trust, representing sincerity and security for those born under February’s sign.

Legends abound about gemstones and their healing powers, leading some to believe wearing your birthstone can help bring balance between mind, body, and spirit; others simply admire its beauty and color. Whatever the case may be, birthstone jewelry remains fashionable! Find something perfect to commemorate a birthday or give as a present from our selection of necklaces, rings and earrings featuring birthstones as well as bracelets to suit any style imaginable!



June’s birthstones include pearl, moonstone and alexandrite; each gem boasts its own special significance and history.

Moonstone, a member of the feldspar family, is famous for its adularescence – an optical effect which creates the appearance of billowy light across gemstone surfaces and gives them their distinctive glow. The finest moonstones have an appealing blue sheen against their colorless background; this gem was often chosen by jewelry designers like Rene Lalique during Art Nouveau movements in the 19th century as well as being popular with “flower child” fashion in the 1960s and 90s.

Alexandrite is the newest birthstone for June. It is an uncommon and costly gemstone with the unique ability to change colors under various lighting conditions, thought to bring balance and strength. Alexandrite typically displays deep rich blue colors.


ruby stone
Ruby Stone

July’s modern birthstone is ruby, which derives from corundum mineral. Long considered an emblem of love by ancient Hindus, rubies remain popular as one way for people to show theirs. Many use rubies to declare their passion.

Sapphire, an exquisite blue stone that has long been revered, has long been celebrated as September’s birthstone. This precious gemstone symbolizes love, loyalty and spiritual truth – making an excellent choice as your birthstone this September!

October’s gemstone is opal, an exquisite and versatile gem known for its play of color. Opal can help facilitate introspective thoughts while encouraging emotional healing. Meanwhile, November’s gem is tourmaline which comes in shades of pink, red, green and blue; tourmaline acts as a protective stone by showing us our inner strength and helping to overcome fears.



August’s birthstones include peridot, sardonyx and spinel. Peridot is a green gemstone ranging from light olive to dark olive in hue and is associated with strength and protection. Romans and Greeks traditionally used sardonyx as an ancient amulet to promote courage and clarity – it combines layers of both types of chalcedony sard and onyx to produce its unique zebra-striped reddish-brown color and white bands.

Spinel was recently added to the birthstone list in 2016. A deep red gem, spinel can easily be mistaken for ruby due to centuries of confusion–indeed, some famous “rubies” displayed in crown jewels are actually spinel! Bling Advisor offers an impressive collection of spinel jewelry in vibrant reds, pinks, purples, and blue hues; browse this thorn-like gemstone’s color options today to find one that signifies your relationship or treat yourself!



September’s birthstone, sapphire, is famed for its deep blue hue and luxurious luster. Representing truth, sincerity, faithfulness and divinity, sapphire has long been worn by royalty like Princess Diana’s engagement ring to bring peace and spiritual enlightenment.

Sapphires are an invaluable gemstone when embarking on a journey of self-discovery. Sapphires are believed to help connect individuals to their higher selves and increase intuition, while being extremely durable (ranking 9 on Mohs’ scale), beautiful and healing; making them highly sought-after investments as jewelry or investment pieces.



Tourmaline, a silica-based gemstone with various shades of color, is October’s modern birthstone. It gets its name from Sinhalese word turamali, which translates as “stone with mixed colors.” Tourmalines can be found throughout Brazil, Afghanistan, India, Kenya Madagascar Mozambique as well as Lightning Ridge Australia where mining of this mineral occurs.

Pink tourmaline has long been associated with courage, confidence and compassion – as well as love. October birthstone jewelry wearers may opt for pink tourmaline as the October birthstone, with Opal popular among those born in October who favor its vivid play of colors flashing the rainbow hues. Travelers may favor Opal as a good luck charm that protects against illness jealousy and envy; Sapphire represents loyalty and wisdom respectively as their September birthstone.

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